VidEngage, the world's first web destination combining two of the hottest trends online, social networking and video sharing is live for public. First, it is a video social network company providing cutting-edge, video-enabled communications products which allows friends to communicate in an entirely new way. Secondly, it offers premium services that incorporate video as a key component, allowing applications such as résumé, dating, conferencing and much more under one single roof.

VidEngage is a web base platform that does not require any software download when creating videos. In fact, you can instantly record directly on their server, click "save" and then click "send", that's it! There is no large file to upload and clog up email attachments to your friends and contacts.

A video social network can be used for a variety of applications such as introducing yourself to make new friends, interacting with colleagues with personal videos, making a video resume for the dream job you are seeking or connecting with your business partners using video conferencing. The system allows up to 10 people to be simultaneously connected in live stream at the same time.

One of the coming features that will be offered is video e-mail delivery supported through a standard external system such as Outlook or Gmail. This is one of the next killer applications that will change the landscape of the Internet in the near future. It's going to be helpful for the traveler who wants to share his excitement in discovering a new culture. It's going to be revolutionary for a single person who is looking for the love of his life, without any static image or "photoshopped" picture.

VidEngage offers different levels of subscriptions. First, you can become a free member, have access to the back office, setup a basic profile and be able to get a sneak peak at all features and tools available. Becoming a full subscriber allows the use of the full potential of the features and applications. For online business builders, you can become an Independent Marketing Representative (IMR) and earn a residual income with an amazing compensation governed by a forced matrix.

It can be shared with friends, contacts, business partners, etc. exactly the way as you would send an invitation through Facebook or MySpace. It's that simple. There are a lot of marketing tools and state-of-the-art video training for IMR's who want to build and grow their home business. It has been officially launched on October 1st of 2008 and is promising viral growth in the coming weeks and months.

The Internet as we know is changing! A new online evolution has begun with VidEngage, the world's first video social network that will enhance life with personal videos and add a human touch on the Internet for everyone around the world.


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