Planning to buy home in near future? Please do not rely of what your relatives, friends, colleagues. Go on your own. Search for a good property and chose a proper bank to finance your home. Do your bank research online, use Paisamatters.com.
PaisaMatters.com, a Pune based start-up, offers seamless information through a single interface to facilitate online home loan product research process. It is a unique loan comparison website which empowers customers to make informed decisions and select the best suited loan product.

In addition to a simple and easy to use comparison engine, customers using PaisaMatters.com can benefit from the in-depth quantitative as well as qualitative comparison of product features. This website elaborates product comparison parameters that are critically important for decision making but are often ignored by customers either because of lack of information availability or lack of awareness. PaisaMatters.com offers a 360 degree comparative view of both fixed rate and floating rate home loan products.

Loan seekers access multiple websites or call multiple loan agents to avail of loan product information but don't always get all the required details. With the launch of PaisaMatters.com, loan seekers will be able to access and analyze all the relevant information across various loan providers which will enhance customers' experience significantly. Home loans offered by various financial institutions can now be assessed based on more than 20 parameters which include interest rate, origination fees, EMI, amortization frequency, prepayment charges, loan conversion charges etc.

PaisaMatters.com Key Features

- Summary comparison view of loan products matching customer's loan requirements

- Ability to shortlist loan providers for an in-depth comparison

- Detail comparison view of product features offered by shortlisted loan providers

- Ability to analyze various permutations of loan amount, loan tenure and loan options

- Ability to filter results based on financial institution types like public banks, private banks, foreign banks and HFCs

- Description of commonly used financial terms along with comparison data


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