It's time for what may seem to be an odd match-up today, but when you think about it, these two particular mobile phones are actually pretty evenly matched, and pitting them against each other does make sense. So, let's settle down watch the action as the Blackberry Storm takes on the Nokia 5800.

Nokia 5800 - touch, feel, play
The first phone in this battle's a totally new member of Nokia's Music Xpress range of mobile phones, the gorgeous Nokia 5800. This phone is quite obviously made for music and media, as it has a separate XpressMedia button that pops up a list of links to music, videos, the web, and more. Then, of course, the Nokia 5800 has a 3.2 inch touch-sensitive display, to let you use all your media files. Essentially, the Nokia 5800 was created to be a little handheld jukebox and movie player, and as music devices go, this is just about the prettiest. The Nokia 5800 also has, built-in, a 3 megapixel camera, HSDPA internet access and sat-nav, making it a wonderful all-rounder, as well as a brilliant media box. Oh, and it has a strap to fasten on a fake guitar plectrum. That rocks. The price, fairly under Rs. 22,000, rocks too!

It's also the first mobile phone to use the new Symbian S60 Touch platform, making it the first of a generation. So, with that in mind, let's pit it against another phone that uses a brand new, touchscreen platform: the gorgeous Blackberry Storm.

Blackberry Storm - more than just a storm in a teacup
Up against the Nokia 5800 is the new Blackberry Storm, and although it might seem an odd match-up, in fight terms, it's not actually as daft as it sounds. For example, both the Nokia 5800 and the Blackberry Storm are the first mobile phones to feature the touch versions of their respective operating systems, with the Blackberry Storm being based, obviously, on the Blackberry OS (well, the touch version of it, anyway). The Blackberry Storm also has a 3 megapixel camera, similar to the 5800, and it has a wealth of multimedia options. Both mobile phones also forgo a physical keyboard, but the Blackberry Storm adds something new to its virtual keyboard (well, to its interface as a whole): a moving, clickable screen. That's right, the whole screen is clickable like a giant button, making 'accidentally starting applications by touching the wrong icon' a thing of the past. Of course, like all of its predecessors, the Blackberry Storm lives for email, as well, and its push email, just like its ancestors, lets you keep in touch with your emails, no matter where.

Nokia 5800 vs Blackberry Storm - which one should YOU buy?

So, which of these two mobile phones should you go for? Should you go for the more media-oriented Nokia 5800? Or possibly you like the email capabilities of the Blackberry Storm? Well, to a certain extent, it WILL come down to what you wan to use it for. The Blackberry Storm is undoubtedly the more capable of the two mobile phones for email. Well, come on, it has Blackberry email access, surely that was never in doubt! However, when it comes to media, the Nokia 5800 is clearly the more capable, with more colours no screen, smoother playback, better music quality, and so on. However, there is one thing you need to know about the Blackberry Storm, because its biggest strength is also its biggest flaw: that clickable touchscreen. It's innovative, it completely removes the possibility of catching the wrong icon on screen, and it's not been seen on any other mobile phones before, giving it cool factor. BUT (and it's a big but), you have to really press down on it; when typing out an email on the Blackberry Storm, it's going to absolutely destroy your thumb muscles after a while, and quite apart from tiring your hands quicker, it also makes it marginally slower to type that email. So, given the fact that it may well physically hurt to use the Storm after a while, the winner, for me, has to be the Nokia 5800.
Thanks Matt.

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