Inquisitr.com reports that Apple might announce a new MacBook series with an unbeleivable price tag of $ 800 (approximately Rs. 40,000). Apple’s latest series of MacBooks having Leopard is having a price tag of little over $1100. The MacBook Air is their ‘Business Class’ model having a much higher price tag.

Inquisitor, in its exclusive report, says that an Apple retailer sent them a copy of a new price sheet that includes a MacBook at the $800 price point.
The sheet, which is apparently sent to retailers about 10 days in advance of launch, lists 12 price points (including options for MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air) between $800 and $3,100. Older price lists only have eight trim levels. Specifications were not included on the sheet.

Let’s wait and watch what Steve has to say about this. As far as Indian market is concerned, this move might give an edge over prevalent competitors like HP, Dell, Lenovo and others.

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