I was reading the latest issue of Fortune and found an interesting article about how RIM (Research in Motion) is fighting back the likes of Apple and Google.
The fortune report says that, ‘The challenge comes at a crucial time for RIM. Its stock is down more than 64% from a 52-week high of $148 a share, similar to the performance of rivals Nokia and Apple. And while fiscal 2008 revenues and profits doubled, to $6 billion and $1.3 billion, respectively, growth is slowing slightly. In the most recent quarter, ended in August, revenues increased 88% compared with a year earlier, and profits jumped 72%.’

With this on one hand and global economy slumping on other hand, RIM launched three new models viz. Pearl flip, Bold and Storm. (Read full article here)
The report also had a graphic (which I slightly changed, click on above image to enlarge) showing the Top 4 PDAs. The Fortune rates Nokia E71 the Best Pick among Blackberry Bold, HTC Google Android G1 and Apple iPhone.
I have Nokia E71. Which one do you have? Please share your experiences.

Watch this space for more information about Google Android G1’s launch in India.


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